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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  January 8, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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any government officials at this point. i am simply going on the reports as you are and that's the most frustrating and exacerbating part of journalism and for all of us, we just don't know and obviously, you're privy to the details as they become available and of course, when you hear in addition to gabby, others were wounded, were shot and one of those situations where someone is a nut going for mass, mass casualties or if this is a deliberate act, an assassination attempt against a federal official. we have in the past, members of congress when they're travelling together to an event, obviously, the u.s. capitol police handle, handle security at that point in
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time, but unlike a president, there's no secret service protection for a member of congress or for a united states senator. >> jamie: and congressman, we are going to be responsible and just report what we know and what we did hear from an eyewitness. >> yes. >> jamie: who was very close to the the scene, who said that when she started counting the shots she heard at least eight more, that the response of police and emergency personnel was within one minute, that there was a crowd, she thought, of at least a hundred people and that she did believe that someone responsible was actually attacked by the crowd, but all this have has to be confirmed by law enforcement. and so far, i'm even looking at the congress woman's website and on that website, there is no mention of this incident or her involvement in it. at this point do you think that's the most-- and now it appears that we have pictures of the scene right now and we want to take a look at this, congressman and just take a look at the
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response, it does appear that law enforcement personnel very much on scene and looked at the google map and saw the safeway grocery store where it was health and one that the congress woman advertised on the website and invited constituents to come out and meet her close and personal. many people responded to and came to to meet her and looks now as the investigation goes on we're looking at tape right here of them actually moving to the scene and it would appeared and those who were injured and that number is still up in the air, were rushed to the university hospital. you have some of the best health care in the country there, don't you congress? >> jamie, university medical center on campus of university of arizona is in close proximity and i have just been able on my mobile phone to walk in and join your, your video coverage here, so-- >> so you're seeing, congressman, let me interrupt, someone being rushed on a gurney in that picture a
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helicopter a medivac. i want to stand by congressman, let me bring in bret, bret baier. >> i want to recue, we can confirm, fox can confirm that the congress woman has been shot in the head. we're being told by officials on capitol hill. now, we can confirm that. we can lost confirm from the eyewitness they talked to before and also reporting on the ground, that it appears one person is in custody. we're waiting to get official reaction from the pima county sheriff's spokesman, but we're told that one person is in custody so that's where we are, as far as the number who have-- that have been shot. who have been shot it's ranged from 12 to 15. we can confirm at fox that three of congress woman giffords aides have been shot. we don't know the status of how they are right now. but they are he' being transported to the university medical center in tucson. so, this is the perspective there as we get information
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and we talked about it, jamie and kelly, that in these situations that are happening quickly, the information is flowing and we want to be as responsible as we can. those are the things we can confirm at this hour and we're trying to get more information. >> kelly: bret, we thank you for the update, especially the confirmation now, fox news as bret just informed us, that congress woman gabrielle giffords has been shot and as we were reporting earlier on, at that time, unconfirmed reports now we have the confirmation and also that three of her staff, three members of her staff, arizona-based staff were actually shot as well. we're still trying to get an update on the total number of people who have been shot as bret just indicated it ranging from 12 to 15, early reports it was 12. an eyewitness telling us she heard 15 shots going off at that time and the gunman being attacked, according to her, and apprehended immediately. for those of you just joining
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us, we're looking at a photo of arizona representative gabrielle giffords, fox confirming that gabrielle giffords was shot in the head during basically, as we heard from jd hayworth a former congressman there, a town hall type meeting. congress on your corner. she invited people, constituents to join her there. we will find out more details about what she was possibly discussing with them. obviously, issues affecting the 112th congress as well as what's going on in our country in terms of moving arizona forward and helping her constituents and that this incident, i'm told it's a shock to all of us, who had never anticipated something like this happening to a member of congress, going to her district or his district and actually meeting with constituents. >> jamie: bret, are you still with us. >> reporter: yes. >> jamie: let me ask you that question because congressman heyworth mentioned when you go to your constituents at this
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point, they've left washington, that they may not be travelling with the kind of security detail that they have in d.c. and around the hill and i'm wondering, with the packages that were found this week, whether you sense there's a heightened sense of security or concern? congressman steve king did tell us a short time ago in this that he feels that they are more vulnerable, that they do need to be more aware and alert. do you think that things will change? >> well, i think, listen, these legislators, these lawmakers are always vulnerable when he they go into these open areas and as far as the packages, that does happen, the suspicious packages. fortunately, no one has been hurt up in the washington area here. there is a heightened state of alert. there has been. mostly because of the intelligence chatter of possible attacks that we've heard from homeland security secretary janet napolitano talk about, not only organized
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islamic efforts, but lone wolf attacks and threats that they monitor around the country and this could be completely different than all of that. we really don't know who this person may have been, we do know that it is a shooter that apparently was shooting aimlessly. he we don't know whether this was a specific effort after congress woman giffords or whether, as congressman hayworth suggested, that it was someone trying to make a big splash. i can tell you up here on capitol hill, there's always security concerns. especially with the swearing in of the 112th congress. you saw, you were up here, jamie, the security surrounding this whole event so they're stepping up things. but when congress, men, women, lawmakers go back to their districts, often there's very little security. congress woman giffords a blue dog democrat and moderate democrat from tucson, just this past week brought forward
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a bill to reduce her salary and the salary of other senate lawmakers, she is basically a fiscal moderate in the democratic party. she's talked about securing the borders. she is for the health care law and is against the repeal efforts by republicans. this is just some of the issues that congress woman giffords has talked about. >> jamie: bret, may i ask you to stand by? let's focus in for the benefit of our viewers, lets he' talk now to larry, a former secret service agent, someone who has been in those situations, protecting the lives in in particular case, he he saved president ford's life during the time that president ford was in the white house. and larry, thank you. what insight can you give us on the level of security that may have been at this event, secret service or not, and what your impression is, given the fact that so many shots, according to reports, were able to be fired off?
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>> well, first of all, it's a very shocking event. i can tell you that perhaps the local authorities that were there were certainly on the scene because it was a major event, which would draw a lot of public. so, although there was no one probably from washington d.c. that accompanied her, i would certainly think that the local authorities were on site and that they reacted quickly. when you have a lone person that's-- that they have to do intelligence on, suddenly appears and for whatever reason unloads on everyone, who knows what the purpose or what his thinking was. >> all right. >> kelly: all right. we want to give a note of caution before we report this. what we're getting reports now from npr and local reports on the scene there that u.s. congress woman gabrielle giffords has died after being shot in the head at a public appearance in tucson, arizona,
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again, that's coming from npr. we'll continue to follow the situation and we are also getting things in our urgent wire at least four people may have-- again, we're just, something shocking to all of us. >> jamie: let's just say that fox has independently confirmed that she was shot. there is this report from npr and local reports that she has died, an a result of these gunshots, but we do want to note, kelly, as you mentioned that note of caution because there are many factors in play right now, including what's going on at university hospitals on exactly what the condition is of her and at least three of her arizona-based staffers shot as well and the eyewitness telling us that they heard at least, after they started hearing the gunfire, at least eight more shots. >> kelly: while we're reporting, let's bring, larry, are you still there? all right. larry was a former secret service agent, saved president ford's life. he was indicating how security on situations like this, and
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how he tells normally respond. bret baier, are you still with us? all right. >> reporter: we are getting word from university hospital now that there are multiple fatalities. >> kelly: yes. >> reporter: and we are not, we are not confirming independently that the congress woman has died, but as you mentioned there are those reports out there. we are he' working that at this hour. i can tell you that this is obviously a situation in which the shooting was massive and we're now getting reports from locals on the ground that the totals are going up. so, our eyewitness who we talked to moments ago thinks she heard about 15 shots or maybe even more, it appears may have been right on. >> jamie: it sounds, bret, like we still have not been able to confirm whether or not this particular suspect, if
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there was more than one suspect was in custody. there's report that one was and that the firing appeared to be indiscriminate that these shots went off very quickly and randomly, and that the congress woman was there for a meet and greet of her constituents, called congress on your corner. it was announced event. i went on her website and it did say there, when the time, the place and that as many as 100 people or more according to that eyewitness had gathered and the response appears to have been swift, but still the details we want to be very careful in terms of reporting exact numbers, there are reports that three others have died, reports that six others have died and fox news is working to confirm all of that. at this point, bret, what, what is going on, do you think, in her office and with her staff? >> well, i think they're trying to get a grip on all of this. it's going very fast and
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furious and we have-- listen, i have one source now who says that, that congress woman giffords has in fact died and working to get another one. and this is a horrible, horrible event. and we're trying to get a grip of how many people may have been killed on this-- in this shooting. for a staff, a congressional staff, i can't imagine what they're going through and we're trying to get all the details right here live on television. >> kelly: as we stated earlier, certainly all of our prayers are going out to all of them involved in this and as you mentioned the numbers are fluid, but we're getting confirmation that congress woman gabrielle giffords has passed as a result of the gunshot to the head. i want to bring in our colleague and news anchor bill hemmer right now. bill, you tiactually spoke to the congress woman as early as
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yesterday. >> yeah. >> kelly: what did the two of you discuss. >> kelly good afternoon to you, this is absolutely tragic news first off. >> kelly: yes it is. >> reporter: gabrielle gifford, she has done our program many times throughout the health care fight and budget battle and yesterday joined us specifically to talk about a proposal to reduce the salary of the house and senate 5% across the board and she was quite-- the last time this was done was 1933. so you're looking at 79, 80 years ago and she was proud of her fiscal discipline that she thought he she was bringing back to congress and how important this was not just to save money, but also, to send a symbolic message to the american people that everybody's got to tighten their belt the message she brought on the broad was yesterday 9:45 a.m. eastern time friday morning and the more you listen to her talk
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and you know, i stopped her in the middle of the interview and saying, you sound almost like a conservatived, almost like a republican and she reminded our audience and me at the time that she used to be a republican and before she joined the democratic party, but she was always pleasant with us and always willing to engage on the issues of the day and that's something i think that our audience truly gained from her perspective and what she wanted to share. >> well, she had the perspective of-- go ahead, bill, i didn't mean to interrupt. >> reporter: when i reminded her that the same proposal that brought up a year ago and it failed miserably in the house and went nowhere, went nowhere, she wasn't deterred by that. she felt that this is the right thing to do especially now, kelly. >> kelly: yeah, we're looking live right now, bell, as we're speaking here at the scene where it took place, possibly a live report coming in from your local affiliate kold and
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reports there, but we understand from her website, she, before entering office, she was the kind of woman who was a small business woman taking over her family's iron, automotive business and she was a president and chief executive officer of el campo tires and faced the struggle that so many small business owners in arizona and america faced and she represented thousands of military families and veterans in southern arizona and proudly served on the house armed services committee and submarine committees on land and air force and military readiness and house science of technology. we know that her husband was an astronaut. >> yeah. >> kelly: so she was the kind of politician, if you will, that wanted to govern effectively dealing with both sides of the aisle. >> and the kind of people you want in washington. >> kelly: exactly. >> this is a woman who has real life experiences, and she has hired people, she has fired people. she has run a business, she
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has met the bottom line and she is run into her share of challenges, when it came to running her business and that's what you need in washington today. and the other reason why she's been so prominent the past few years, the immigration fight in arizona. i mean, her home district down around the area of tucson, that's right in the heart of what have been the drug trafficking path through southern arizona, that led tucson, up to phoenix and she has been featured prominently in that debate. and the insight that she brought to our audience was invaluable. i will say that not everybody agreed on that and that debate continues today, but different voices are important. >> jamie: and bill, i was sitting with you yesterday when you were speaking with her, and her commitment to public service was clear in all the efforts that she made in washington and much beloved in her-- by her constituents and many
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came out to see her today and witness this tragedy. it's, it's still so, so difficult to fathom, as kelly said, our hearts and prayers go out to her family, and everyone on her staff. can i ask you-- . >> reporter: jamie. >> yes, go ahead. >> reporter: if you remember yesterday when we were sitting there during the the commercial and our audience may or may not be aware of this, often times we talk to the guests during the commercial before the interview. if you remember, i said, do you really think things are different now? do you get a sense there's more excitement and more enthusiasm and maybe things will change? and she was optimistic. i remember her answer quite clearly and she was filled with vigor and enthusiasm. >> jamie: she brought so much to the work that she did. let me ask you to stand by, bill. we really appreciate your contribution today. back to bret baier in washington.
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any new information and insight. let's bring our viewers up-to-date. exactly what was happening today and what we can confirm. >> jamie i have one reliable source on capitol hill confirming that congress woman gabrielle giffords has died. local reports as well as npr are saying that she has died as well. the hospital is telling reporters on the ground that there have been multiple fatalities, we don't know the numbers yet. here is what we do know. the 40-year-old democrat who was just reelected for a third term in november was holding a got together with constituents called congress on your corner. an event at the safeway there at northwest tucson. according to eyewitnesses on the ground. a gunman ran up, started shooting. we can confirm at that point that congress woman giffords and three of her arizona based aides were shot. her condition at the first part of when we went on the air with this, was not known.
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we are now confirming that she has died. giffords apparently, according to eyewitnesses on the ground, was talking to a couple there in the safeway parking lot and the gunman was very close when he shot her in the head. she, we are told, by eyewitnesses, that the suspect was tackled by bystanders, and that there is one person in custody. we don't have any information about that person as of yet. we've heard reports on the ground that 12 to 15 shots, again, those numbers are fluid. fluid, rather, and i can tell you that gabrielle giffords was elected in 2006. she was swore in in 2007 a blue dog democrat, someone respected up on capitol hill. and married to a space shuttle astronaut, mark kelly.
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and right now, we're waiting to get more details. but this is a tragic event that is hard to overstate, the shock that will be rippling through capitol hill in the next hours into tomorrow and we'll continue to get more information from arizona and on the ground. >> kelly: bret, we thank you for the update because it will certainly send shock waves throughout all of capitol hill and the aides who serve on capitol hill as well, the members themselves and their families. obviously, families will be very concerned when their representatives return home to conduct other events like this and suffice to say many members of congress will undoubtedly continue to meet with their constituents because it's what they do, bret, they represent the american people. they want to do the best job they can, because of that, they have to reach out to the american people. >> it's, you know, you have to look at this and analyze what
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exactly is going to happen as a result of it, what will there be security changes? will there be situations that change based on meeting constituents. you don't know at this point and it's tough to say. right now, it's about, you know, sending the prayers out to the giffords family and to the staff there and finding out all the information that we possibly can about, about the situation and about this shooter. you know, we've heard now that there were up to 15 shots. there could have been more. this is a lot of people that potentially went down in this attack. and getting beyond why it happened and how it happened is really what we're trying to find out. >> kelly: absolutely, we are efforting to do that as we speak, reaching out to law enforcement there in the tucson area. we understand that they're extremely busy right now and trying to develop and find out
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all the facts that we're trying to find out right now there on the scene. we, excuse he me, but we do understand from congressman steve king, who spoke to us earlier from iowa, and is a friend of congress woman gabrielle giffords, someone he knew well, he was basically stating, bret and jamie, that he believed that members of congress would definitely continue to go on and meet with their constituents, that they would not bury their head in the sand or hide from people, but would go out and embrace the people who are members of their direct. because it's their job. they represent the american people and will continue to do so, but as you've mentioned, bret, and pointed out that throughout this newscast, a lot of people will be questioning what to do about moving forward in terms of security. we spoke with a former member of this secret service, to talk about that as well and a lot of times, let's go back to how we've covered some of these events and every now and then, jamie, you would see a state trooper on the scene
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there. one will obviously raise the question was there a police presence at this time. >> jamie: all of that will be be looked at and at this point we want to go right to peter doocy who is in washington d.c. with some new information, to give us a little more perspective on what we know at this point, peter. >> reporter: jamie, that's right, we can confirm that representative giffords is dead and we're also hearing from u.s. sources that four others were killed as well, including a child. we're also hearing right now that it was lone gunman who said something, shouted something before he he started firing off shots and security guards actually returned fire and the lone gunman was hit, he was shot, but he's now in custody and that's what we've got right now, jamie. >> jamie: and-- . >> reporter: again giffords dead, four others dead, including a child and gunman shot out and he's in custody right now. >> one of the questions will be of of course whether or not anyone else was involved in this and whether or not authorities are still looking for anyone that might have
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fled the scene in addition to this gunman, but if the reports that we're confirming are lone gunman, at least those in the area can take a little bit of a breath. i know that the authorities do have the gunman in custody and injured, although undisclosed as to the extent of those. >> reporter: the u.s. officials we spoke to, lone shooter, lone shooters according to u.s. officials. >> jamie: very, very sad news for those, and seeing the video had a chance to air at fox shows how quickly the response was and then these tragic results of the congress woman losing her life. are you sensing that more information may come from the officials that you in washington have been able to be in touch with or at this point are they keeping things close to the vest. >> reporter: at this point as the breaking news things are, there's a lot of different information out there. we're working to confirm it.
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there will definitely be more information throughout the day. >> jamie: you did mention the reports from the u.s. officials that fox is in touch with, say that the gunman did shout something at the time of the shooting. any word on what that might have been or what language it may have been in? >> at this point no. we just know that he shouted something before he started shooting, and then, some form of, some type of security guard returned fire and the gunman was hit, but before he was taken into custody, he did definitely kill representative giffords and four others, including a child, unfortunately. >> kelly: at peter not to interrupt you, looking at new video as we're speaking there and we saw the helicopters that are usually called life flights, helicopters there, rushing to the scene to expedite the transport of those who are critically injured to the hospital. and now, we're just looking at video of the scoon where it all unfielded and i'm told around 10 a.m. tucson time, this is what took place, that
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congress woman gabrielle giffords was having a meeting with her constituents, a meeting with them to talk about matters pertaining to her district and that shots rang out. we understand now through confirmation from u.s. officials that lone gunman opened fire, shooting indescriminately and as a live witness on the scene, andrew gooden spoke to us, not long ago, she mentioned that she heard 15 shots ring out, i'm losing my voice here, and those 15 shot ringing out, hitting three arizona staff members of gabrielle giffords and also hitting her point blank range in the head and sadly reporting that she has died from those wounds. >> jamie: and others as well. let's just mention that folks at home may expect that they would get every detail about what happened today. there were eyewitnesses, there were authorities on scene, staffers on scene, some of whom were injured in this, but from chad who works congress
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and the house and capital hill for us for the record, he is telling us now that no one really on the hill is saying much about this, including the speakers office. u.s. capitol police, who are involved in this investigation now, congress woman giffords office or senior democratic leaders even the sergeant at arms, at this point everyone wants to be careful what details they release and fox will tell you what we've confirmed and that is so sadly, that congress woman giffords, married to an astronaut, a very devoted to public service as bill hemmer was sharing with us, and bill, are you still with us? okay. bill is likely off news gathering as is bret baier for us on more details. >> kelly: and jamie, you know, let's put out what kind of woman this was, because you and bill had talked to her as well during a commercial break when bill interviewed her yesterday and both expressed her optimism about the 112th congress and how she was looking at this with all the
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vigor of pa new member of congress although she wasn't, she was reelected and after serving three terms. a little bit of background involved. gabby as she's referred to by her friends, and before taking office, she took over the family and tire automotive business and president and chief executive officer of el campeau tire gin corporated and faced what many small business members are facing and knew the struggles of the people when she worked tirelessly to try to represent them on capitol hill and tried to find approaches, bipartisan approach of how those challenges could be met. those obstacles overcome and that people could move on and sustaining their lobby hoods and on the house science and technology committee promoting an agenda of energy independents and solar, she represented thousands of military families and veterans there in southern arizona and proudly serve


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